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About Renewing Your Mind Today
Mission Statement:
Colossians 2: 2-6:
“My purpose is that you might be encouraged in heart, and united in love,
 that you may have the full understanding of God, namely Christ, 
in whom are found the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
 I tell you this so you won’t be swayed by fine sounding arguments. 
Though I am absent from you in the body, I am present with you in spirit 
and I rejoice how firm your faith is”

RYMT is Christian-based, and intends to Renew people’s Minds by providing tools to enhance or change their lives and experience the joy and peace that we all want.

To continually be available to God’s leading in order to produce other literary materials that will enhance or change people’s lives, and address issues that are affecting their ability to succeed.

Nick started writing books in 1999.  He is currently working full-time as a Funeral Director, is a former c0-chairman of SWOP (a local youth project)  and active at his church in Virginia, MN. 

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing a motivational presentation which can be Spiritual or just motivational.

Nick is recently married to Julie and is the proud dad of four kids.  
1 John 3
"I have no greater joy than know 
that my children are walking in the truth."
          Nick Furey
The Situation:

Many in this world are walking around aimlessly and not realizing the impact that their words or actions have on themselves and others, leaving them and others with a tattered view of HOPE. Many give up before they reach their full potential. Never give up! There is HOPE!

Children are daily being subjected to violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, and other corruptive behaviors that distort their view of this potentially wonderful world. Our children ARE our future!

Christians need the proper tools to equip themselves in today's world.  We need to come together to act as a unified army against the enemy.

PEACE -  People Enabling A Caring Environment

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