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Cross Words - published 2/2006 
A Christian Voice Publishing
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Secret Treasure- 

Lost and Found
Higher Ground
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A 13 week study based on over 80 acronyms.  "Renewing Your Mind with Acronyms of HOPE"
Sample words: 
HOPE - Have Only Positive Expectations
FREAK - Full Relentless Enthusiasm And Knowledge
A book that deals with purity, abstinence and child sexual abuse awareness.  
Illustrations by Aliya Pfeil
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A children's book based on the Scripture that says "What man wouldn't leave his 99 sheep to save the one.
In progress, waiting for illustrations by Aliya Pfeil 
A book that deals with the excess burdens that weigh us down in life.
In progress
A great Christian book that addresses the issues that are preventing the Christian church today from becoming a unified army.  One command a dog learns on a walk.. "Heel" which tells the dog to stay close to the Master.
The Heeled Church- 
in process of being written
logo from the "Cross Words" book

soon to be available in shirts and other apparell
Return to Me
A study based on the book of Zechariah.
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