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What are you doing to Motivate your World?  This is the new title of my upcoming book.  I originally titled it Amazing Acronyms, however there were many who didn't get it based on the Acronym concept and others didn't connect with the Amazing part as a connection to Marvel comic's Avengers.

I would like to potentially reach the world, by getting those of you to begin to Motivate those around you.  When you take possession of something, you tend to take great care of it.  This World is all we have, why not do your part to ensure it is taken care of, environmentally and culturally.  If we hope to REACH people, we must Redevelop Environmental And Cultural Habits.  

PEACE - (People Enabling A Caring Environment) begins when we begin to RESPECT -(Regarding Everyone So Peace Encourages Character Today) everyone - regardless of their race, nationality, creed, lifestyle, or religion.

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Nick Furey - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Some of the Christian acronyms that bring change

FAITH - Find Assurance ITrusting Him
FIRE - Faith Ignites Revival Everywhere
GOD - Great Omnipotent Designer
PASTOR - Prepare Another Soul TObtain Redemption
ALTAR - Allows Lives To Acquire Redemption
PRAY - Power Resounds Around You
CROSS - Christ Rescued Our Sinful Souls
PEACE - Put Everything At Christ's Enthronement

JESUS - Joy Eternal Shows USalvation
CHILD - Christ Has Innocent Little Disciples
LORD - Let Our Redeemer Decide
SAVIOR - Salvation And Victory IOur Redeemer
JOY - Jesus Overwhelms You
CHURCH - Come Have Understanding Regarding Christ's Holiness
TRUTH - Totally Right Understanding Through Him
LUST - Living Under Satan's Traps
HONOR - Having Only New Overwhelming Respect
WAY - Walk Always Yielding
HOLY - Having Our Lives Yielded
LAUGH - Learning And Understanding God's Happiness
WORSHIP - When Our Response Shows Him Infinite Praise
PRAISE - Proclaiming Righteous Acclamation Inspiring Someone's Excellence
PRAY - Power Resounds Around You
PRAYER Power Resounds Around You Enabling Restoration
ROCK - Rest OChrist's Kingship
GROW - Gain Real Ongoing Wisdom
PURE - Perfect Untainted Resolve Everyday
GUILT - Getting UInto Living Terrified
SHAME - Suffering Has A Measured Effect
SIN - Selfish Imperfect Notions
STOP - Sin Traps Our Prayers
EVIL - Enemy's Vain Intentions Lurk
OBEY - Order BEveryday Yielding