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Children and adults are subjected to being so overstimulated by so much multimedia--TV, cellphones, video games, movies, etc.  What ever happened to sitting in a comfy chair and reading a good book?  Get them to Really Enjoy Another Discovery in a book, magazine or newspaper. My son has stopped playing the Wii and goes away to his room to READ a great book that he really enjoys; I'm so proud!

Please help us with the 2014 READ Campaign by donating to this great cause.  It costs $3 per poster, and we hope to get posters in schools throughout Minnesota and, if possible, the whole United States. 

Furthermore, BULLYING in our schools, and in the workplace is spreading like wildfire -  if we would look at BULLYING - By Undermining Lives Like Yours Instantly Negates Growth.  Sure, the bully thinks they are only ruining someone else's life, but in essence they are destroying their ability for Growth too.  RYMT is a strong advocate for Anti-bullying laws and will provide resources to educate victims and the bully. But we need your help in order to do this. Send your check or money order to: 

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