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by Nick Furey on 09/17/13

PEACE - People Enabling A Caring Environment

This acronym came to me at "Echoes of Peace" music group dinner.  It is a diversified group of people that come from many walks of life, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. and the come together to bring beautiful musical tones.  As I was in line with a young lady there, I asked, "Have you ever heard what the letters of the word PEACE stand for?" (Keep in mind, my other version of this word is much different)  She said, "No, I haven't. That sounds fascinating!"  So I told her "PEACE - Put Everything At Christ's Enthronement."  She exclaims, "That might work for you, but I don't believe like that!"   I felt like I let her down.  How can she see God work if I have not got through to her?  I turned away and said in a silent prayer, "God, if you want to reach her, give me a new acronym that will reach her." Less than 10 seconds later, I presented her with the new version of PEACE (People Enabling a Caring Environment).  
She was shocked!  She now exclaims, "Thanks alot!" almost sarcastically. I said, "What? Why the comment like that?"
She says, "You have now changed my viewpoint of God; up to now I didn't believe, but there is no way you could've came up with that so fast!"
We began to talk about the context of the new version:
Just think if all People, everywhere, would Enable A Caring Environment?  There is so  much strife in this world; People are being treated poorly for their race, creed, religion, lifestyle, or status in life.  Isn't it time we started Caring for each other?  
People talk of world PEACE, and this is great; but can we can truly obtain this until we all start looking around our Environment and treating All people better?  With that I would like to close with my recent poem regarding this:

Take a STAND by Nick Furey  

Emptiness envelops so many people, young and old.                              

Could we truly bear to hear the stories they have told?              

Of abuses and pain, humiliation and fear                           

Of hopelessness and abandonment  and wondering why they’re here.

Because of their color lifestyle, or status in life                                         

They are made fun of and hurt  and left with undo strife.

Racism, hate crimes, bullying and judgmental minds                       

Must begin to look in their heart  and discover what they’ll find

Take a STAND for these souls  give them a sense of HOPE,

 for you never really know  if they may be on their last rope.

Suicide kills more than a life  it kills HOPE as well  

It makes us realize how life can be a living hell.

Take a STAND in your school, on your job or on the street,                   

knowing your support and grace  might get them on their feet.

Strength To Achieve New Directions    is the hope their longing for                  

To know that they’re life is worth it and see love outpoured.

Where there’s violence, Take a STAND                                

When there’s injustice,  Take a STAND;                             

Where there’s hopelessness, Take a STAND                

PEACE be with you all!               

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