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Use your talents

by Nick Furey on 10/14/13

One of the common expressions I hear from people is "Wow! You have a gift from God to come up with these acronyms!"  I know that I could not do any of them without Him, believe me I have tried and I've failed miserably.

If you have been given a gift from God, be it large or small, use it to the best of your ability.  Some say, "oh, that's not much of a gift. I don't feel it is significant enough to share with others."  Though the pituitary gland is very small, it has a crucial influence on the brain and body.  God merely asks you to use it by investing it every day. Consider the story of the talents in the New Testament.... The one who was given 5 talents invested it and gained another 5!  The one who was given 3 talents invested it and gained another 3!  But the one who has given only one talent chose not to invest it but rather to bury it, leaving him with only one talent.  This angered the Master and He took it from the one with 1 talent and gave it to the one with 10! How foolish, when he could have at least found a way to double it.  I do think that there are leaders that say "I don't think that is really your talent." and ruin the already questioning spirit. Did the ones in the Talent story have to answer to the Banker or the Master?  The Master!   Don't be a Talent Taker.

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