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Why do the Goodnews Letters continually repeat the same Acronyms?

by Nick Furey on 10/29/13

I was reviewing all my Goodnews Letters over the past few years and noticed that I frequently repeated the same acronym; sometimes two months in a row!  I was concerned at first, then I realized that sometimes it is important to reiterate the same thing, hoping that it gets through to someone who needed it. 


 It reminded me of a story I heard about a young pastor that was just starting at a new church.  He began his first sermon preaching on the "Love Chapter" 1 Corinthians 13.  The congregation loved it!  The next Sunday, he preached on the "Love Chapter" 1 Corinthians 13. The congregation liked it.  The next Sunday the new pastor preached on the "Love Chapter" 1 Corinthians 13.  The congregation started to wonder.  The fourth Sunday, the new pastor preached on..yep, you guessed it-- The "Love Chapter".  The elders decided they had better have a talk with him.  "Pastor, you are a very eloquent preacher and well-liked by everyone, but we are concerned that you don't know how to preach about any other topic."  The new pastor simply smiled and said, "I do have numerous other sermons I'd like to share with you, but I can only move on with them when I see that you have this love thing figured out."

I will continually post new blogs and monthly put out Goodnews Letters, hope you will chose to follow them and comment.  Your comments are valuable!

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